Reviewing Sent Items in Echo

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To review your sent items, you’ll need to click into the ‘Sent items’ tab. Once in here, you can use the different options to see sent messages, check the message status, review campaigns and download your sent messages.

When viewing your sent items, you first need to know the difference between a message and a batch.


Any SMS sent between two parties; a message can be up to four parts depending on the number of characters in the message.


A batch is how we group together messages. If one message is sent by itself, it’s a batch; if messages are all sent at the same time via the same form or file, they are also a batch. For example:

  • If you send a message via Simple send to a single number – this is a batch
  • If you use Simple send and send to multiple recipients at once– these messages will all be part of the same batch
  • If you send via Bulk to 1200 recipients – these are all the same batch.

By default, when you click into the ‘Sent items’ page, you will be taken to the ‘Messages’ page. In here, you will see each individual message you have sent as well as the recipient; the time it was sent to the networks, the type of message sent, the account it was sent from and the message status.

You can filter the messages by using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date fields, the ‘Recipient’ search box, using the ‘All statuses’ drop down menu, and, if you have more than one account, using the ‘All accounts’ tick box. Once you have your filters set up, press the green ‘Search’ button to update the results showing.

If you want to see scheduled messages from here, you can select a date in the future and see what is scheduled:

If you then click into the message body, you will see further information such as when the message was last updated, how many parts the message is, and by whom the message was sent.

If you click into the ‘Batches’ page, you can see each batch of messages. It shows when the batch was submitted to us, the name of the batch, how many messages are in the batch, who sent it, and if you have multiple accounts, from which account it was sent.

If you click into the batch then you will see a graph of the messages status and a list of the individual messages in the batch.

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