Message Status Meanings

The message status you can see in Sent items describes what happened to the message.

Status Explanation
Delivered The Recipient’s handset or in some cases the Recipient’s network have acknowledged the message as received.
Sent The message has been sent to the network but not delivered to the handset as yet.
Failed The message could not be delivered by the network.
Expired The number is valid, but the handset has not acknowledged receipt of the message within 72 hours or if a voice message the call wasn’t answered within the specified number of attempts.
Cancelled The batch of messages was cancelled before sending.
Partially Delivered A message of 2 or more parts hasn’t been fully delivered by the network as yet. Some handsets will display the part of the message which has been delivered ending with ** other handsets won’t display the message until all parts have been delivered.
Scheduled The message has been created to go out at a future date.
Acknowledged A voice message where the recipient has pressed 1 on their handset when prompted.
Rejected A voice message where the recipient has pressed 9 on their handset when prompted.
Connecting A voice message which is still trying to connect to the recipient.

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