Send Individual Messages to Multiple Phone Numbers

This option allows you to message a collection of contacts, each with different content. You prepare your messages in your file and then upload it via Esendex Bulk Send.

Your data only needs two columns: the number, and the message you would like to send to each contact.

You don’t have to have a header row, but if your data has one, when you upload the file, you need to tick the ‘First row contains headings?’ option.

Once uploaded, you will be taken to this screen:

It confirms the number of successful and unsuccessful messages, as well as a preview of the message recipients and the message content.

On this page, you also have the option to change your Sender ID using the ‘From’ field. You can switch between SMS and Voice messages using the radio buttons, and you can also schedule messages using the ‘Send later’ button.

It also shows you the number of credits the message will use. Remember, if your message is more than one part long, you will be charged more than one message credit.

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