Changing Message Validity

When you send a message through Esendex, we then pass the message on to the mobile networks who attempt to deliver the message to the handset.

There can be delays or failures with delivery for numerous reasons, such as the handset being switched off, having no signal or if the handset is roaming.

Message validity allows you to control the length of time that the network will try to deliver the message to the handset before it fails.

So, if you are sending alerts that need actioning now, but not in one hour, you can change the validity so the recipient won’t receive the message too late.

To edit the Message validity period, log in to Echo and then click on Echo > Settings. You will then be able to click into your ‘Sending’ settings and either edit the amount of hours, or set it back to the network default period.

It is worth noting that when you change the validity period, we can only request that the network follows this instruction; they are not bound to do so.

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