Outlook Mobile Service 2007

Customers that currently use esendex.net to send messages will find the following information useful.
Please note @esendex.net is not compatible with Echo for Email.


1.  On the Tools menu, click Account Settings.

2.  On the E-mail tab, click New.

3.  Click Other, and then click Outlook Mobile Service (Text Messaging) from the list of server types.

4.  Click Next.

5.  Type the Esendex Web service address: https://www.esendex.com/api/oms/omsservice.asmx in the Web Service Address box.

6.  Under Logon Information, enter your Esendex user name in the User ID box and your Esendex password in the Password box. Your Username is a combination of your account reference and username in the form: <AccountReference>\<Username> eg:EX001234\person@mycompany.com

7.  We recommend that you test your account by clicking the Test Account Settings button.

8.  Click OK.


To begin using your Outlook Mobile Service account to send mobile messages, exit and restart Outlook.