Sent items

Before looking at the Sent items pages it is important to clarify the difference between batches and messages.


Any SMS sent between 2 parties, a message can be up to 4 parts depending on the number of characters in the message.


A single message will be a batch, but batches group together messages that were all sent at the same time via the same form or file. For example:

  • if you send a message via Simple send to a single number –  this is a batch
  • if you Simple send to send to multiple recipients – these messages will all be part of the same batch
  • If you send via Bulk to 1200 recipients – these are all the same batch


Viewing Sent items

When you enter the Sent items area by default you see the list of batches that have been sent, this means you can quickly see a greater date range if you send large number of messages at once.

The Submitted at column is shown in the timezone of your user profile, so if the time seem unusual its worth checking your profile settings. You can see how many messages were in the batch, and which user on the account sent the messages, finally you can see the account that this was sent from, this is because Sent items shows you any batches for accounts that your user is connected to. You can then select a batch to view more detail on the send. Initially you will be presented with a summary graph:

This will show you what happened with the messages.

  • Delivered – this means that the Recipients handset or in some case the Recipients network have acknowledged the message as recieved.
  • Sent – The message has been sent to the network but no response has been recieved as yet.
  • Failed – The message could not be delivered by the network
  • Expired – The number if valid, but the handset has not acknowledge receipt of the message with 72 hours.

If you click on the Table button this displays the same data as a list of each message in the batch


If you want to quickly see the individual messages you sent and their status, then it can be worth selecting the Messages option from the menu:

This displays similiar information but in a list view:

If you need to see the full message you sent you can click on the row to get more details.   In any of the list views the default number of rows displayed is 15, but you can change this at the bottom of the page up to 100 rows per page.