Getting started – Contacts

Being able to easily access your contacts is as important for sending SMS as it is for your email.
Below we will show you the simplest way to get started with creating contacts.

From the Echo menu select the Contacts and groups button as shown below (we’ll talk about groups later)

As a first time user this is displayed as an empty page with a Create button to the right. Click on this and you’ll be presented with a simple form to complete


Quickname will automatically be completed for you, though you can edit this if you choose. This is a simply way to call on the record later.

You’ll need to enter the country code in the phone number so ‘447549936364’ rather than ‘07549936364’
Your chosen quickname and the phone number must be unique

When completed clicking the Create button will save the data and then return you to the contacts view.

Now if you go back into Simple Send and click on the Contacts button below the To field you’ll see the following screen:

send to contact

Click on the contacts from the list you’d like to add and their names will appear in the lower bar.

Select Add to message and the Send form is pre-populated with the contacts chosen details.