Vodafone Australia – maintenance

(18/07/2014 21.30 BST)

We have been made aware that Vodafone Australia is conducting maintenance, which may result in Esendex customers being unable to  receive messages.

We are awaiting an update from the network, but this work should be completed by 2300 BST

We will update this site when we have an update.

(18/07/2014 23.11 BST)

We are chasing Vodafone Australia for an update as the maintenance does not seem to have concluded.

We will update this site when we know more.

(19/07/2014 06:29 BST)

Vodafone Australia have advised that the work is ongoing and expected to complete at 2300 on 20/07/2014

However at this time the service looks healthy, but please expect further disruption.

We will be pursuing  a root cause with Vodafone in office hours on Monday.